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FAQ 常見問題

FAQ 常見問題

利用電話求職,可以從聯絡人員知道初步結果嗎? Can I get an initial result from the interviewer when applying jobs through telephone?


Yes in general.  If those information provided by an applicant through smartphone app or telephone are genuine and match with the specific requirements, our Officer may invite him/her to go into the employment procedures.

面試後應徵者可以即時知道面試結果嗎? Can the applicant know the resuilt right after interview?

一般可以; 面試(包括初步面試)後,面試人員會即時通知應徵者結果, 並會安排雙方簽署僱傭合約、編排職前培訓及分發制服。

Generally okay; Interviewer will notify an applicant of the result right after an interview (Initial interview inclusive), and then arrange signing of Employment Contract, Pre-employment Training and distribution of uniform.


I am an applicant.  Can I choose a location which is convenient to me for Interview?

Yes; an Applicant can make use of the 'Quick Apply' form of this website, and then fill in his/her contact telephone number or email address.  Our staff will contact him/her and make an agreement for a suitable location for an Initial Interview.


What documents should I bring for attending interview?


Please bring originals of the following documents, failing which we are unable to complete the employment procedures.

  1. 身份證 (如居港未滿 7 年者,必須提供單程証或護照);

  2. 彩色近照2張;

  3. 英文住址證明 (必須為本人姓名及近3個月內之信函,例如:水、電、煤氣單);

  4. 保安員許可證;

  5. 保安業培訓證書QAS (簽發日期起計5年內有效);

  6. 銀行存款簿或提款咭 (必須附有本人姓名及戶口號碼);

  7. 2名諮詢人詳細地址及電話 (非親屬);

  8. 學歷証明、工作証明、平安咭、急救証書、駕駛執照 (有此文件請提供);


 1.  Identity Card (If residence in HK for less than 7 years, please produce Single Entry Pass or Passport);

 2.  Recent colour photo (2 pcs);

 3.  Residential Address Proof (Previous 3 months correpondence bearing own name such as Water, Electricity or Gas Bills);

 4.  Security Personnel Permit;

 5. Security Industry Training QAS Certificates (issued within 5 years from now);

 6. Bank book or card (bearing own name and acount number);

 7. Two Referrees (Non-relatives) with detailed correspondence address and telephone number;

 8. Edcuation and Work Proof, Safety card, First Aid Certificate, Driving Licence (if possessed).