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總保安主任 | Chief Security Officer

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Details 詳情: 

Responsibilities 職責

  • 協助團隊間的日常營運
  • 透過每日的崗位巡查監察員工表現
  • 充當前線員工與管理層之間的溝通渠道 
  • 提供文書及行政上的支援
  • Assist daily operations of the team 
  • Monitor staff performance via daily site visit
  • Act as communication channel between front line staff and management
  • Provide clerical and administrative support

Requirements 入職要求

  • 至少有一年或以上相關經驗
  • 健碩,勤奮及可靠
  • 持有效駕駛執照(類別1和2)並具有良好的駕駛記錄
  • At least 1 year relevant experience
  • Strong build, hardworking and reliable
  • Possession of a valid driving license (Classes 1 & 2) with good driving record
Reference 參考編號: 
Hours of duty 時數: 
Remarks 備註: 
Head Office 總寫字樓
District 地區: 
Ngau Tau Kok 牛頭角
Job Nature 工作性質: 
Supervisory Work 監督工作
Shift 更份: 
Employment type 聘用性質: 
Full time 全職
Years of experience 年資: 
3 - 5 years 年
Application email: 
Languages 語言: 
Cantonese 廣東話
Chinese(Written) 中文(書寫)
English (Written) 英文(書寫)
IT skills 電腦技術: 
MS Excel
MS Word
Pay@mth 月薪: 
HK$18 000
Qualifications 學歷: 
Secondary 中學
Salary 薪金: