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面試需要什麼文件? What to bring for Interview?


What documents should I bring for attending interview?


Please bring originals of the following documents, failing which we are unable to complete the employment procedures.

  1. 身份證 (如居港未滿 7 年者,必須提供單程証或護照);

  2. 彩色近照2張;

  3. 英文住址證明 (必須為本人姓名及近3個月內之信函,例如:水、電、煤氣單);

  4. 保安員許可證;

  5. 保安業培訓證書QAS (簽發日期起計5年內有效);

  6. 銀行存款簿或提款咭 (必須附有本人姓名及戶口號碼);

  7. 2名諮詢人詳細地址及電話 (非親屬);

  8. 學歷証明、工作証明、平安咭、急救証書、駕駛執照 (有此文件請提供);


 1.  Identity Card (If residence in HK for less than 7 years, please produce Single Entry Pass or Passport);

 2.  Recent colour photo (2 pcs);

 3.  Residential Address Proof (Previous 3 months correpondence bearing own name such as Water, Electricity or Gas Bills);

 4.  Security Personnel Permit;

 5. Security Industry Training QAS Certificates (issued within 5 years from now);

 6. Bank book or card (bearing own name and acount number);

 7. Two Referrees (Non-relatives) with detailed correspondence address and telephone number;

 8. Edcuation and Work Proof, Safety card, First Aid Certificate, Driving Licence (if possessed).